Fighting for America




Amen is what they’re sayin

But a lot of things are ruined

In this town

And the only one that got away

Is back to rule for another day

But now his dogs are barkin

At our door

The Nay’s have all been spoken

The Aye’s have all been broken

This could be the ending of us all

So where do we go from here?

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The Assassination of Donald J. Trump
a poem


In the land of the brave and home of the free
    in the month of April 

year of 2023
All alone in a perch
High in a tree
A sniper hid waiting
For a hit off the tee

From 500 yards out
The weather was still
As the fat man walked wearily
Up toward the hill

And on the 15th green
unblinking and steady

An eye was upon him

And the rifle was ready

As he lined his ball up
A shot was then heard
And when his club hit the ball
The traitor did fall

His big orange pumpkin
Exploded into the face
Of the foursome
Now threesome who ran out of that place

And In the commotion
The sniper slipped away
A true patriot forever
Until his last day


Childhood Suicide Machine
By The Blue Militia

No more fire trucks or T-Ball

Rubber ducks or Toy Story doll

Lean and clean

shiny and mean

I just gave my boy

a childhood suicide machine

To hold in his pocket

to attack like a rocket

it's too late to stop it

there's nothing to block it

he's now ready to be seen

and picked apart

seam by seam

he's now on their team

all wearing Supreme

until they decide

he's not part of their story

and when his streak ends

and gone is the glory

he'll be cast off to live alone

in purgatory

Why did I do this to my boy?

to put him in this glass jail to live like a shut in

his innocence lost at the touch of a button

to send him off

to a world of no joy

of pressure and pain

disguised as a toy

How could I do this to my boy?

Lean and clean

shiny and mean

I just gave my boy

a childhood suicide machine

The Blue Militia Speech
For Joe Biden
Last Debate

I want to address all Americans right now. And I mean all Americans. Unlike this president I see more than red and blue. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you look like, the color of your skin, whether you are gay, straight, or transgender, rich or poor, or what your religious beliefs are. I don’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent. What I do care about is how you are feeling right now. Are you in pain, are you suffering, are you sick, have people you know or loved died, have you lost your job and worry about how you are going to take care of your family? Are your schools, offices, and business safe? To our beloved front-line workers who are working tirelessly in harm’s way, are you getting all of the help and support you need?

Have you been scared by what you’ve been seeing, hearing, and feeling these last four years? Are you scared that all of this pain and fear and divisiveness is affecting your kids as well? I am too. And I promise that if I have the honor of becoming your president I will spend every last-minute working as hard as I can, hiring the very best and the brightest minds this country has ever seen, listening to what they say, and making informed and careful decisions to address the tremendous challenges before us. I will do this because I love this country and I’m going to help all of you, whether you vote for me or not, because it breaks my heart to see what has happened to our country in these last four years.

Because of the importance of what is now at stake for the future of our country, I feel compelled in my last few minutes, to address the person standing next to me.

You have stood on the stage before all of America tonight and consistently lied to the American people. You claimed kids are better off without their parents, that people who want to become American citizens are stupid, compared yourself to Lincoln, said you are the” least racist person in the room”, then claimed we are rounding the corner on a virus that is currently raging across America without a plan to stop it, except your plan of getting everyone infected so they somehow become immune like you, when in fact that strategy will likely kill 1-2 million people. You said there is a vaccine due any day even when your experts agree that isn’t the case. You say that you created the greatest economy in the history of the world while millions of people are out of work and business are closing because of your mismanagement of a crisis. You spread false conspiracy theories from Fox News and blame others instead of doing your job and fixing our problems.

In just your first few months in office you felt compelled to call Vladimir Putin and congratulate him on what you told him was an amazing and incredible victory but which was in fact the most fraudulent election in modern history from his poisoning and jailing of opposition candidates, and ultimately leaving them off the ballot, to false state run media propaganda campaigns and massive voter suppression, all of which appalled our generals as well as our allies around the globe. You embarrassed our nation at NATO with your idiocy and bullying, wrote love letters to Kim-Jon-Ung who just wanted to use you as a photo op with a “celebrity” and insulted our intelligence agencies in front of your pal Putin which some felt was an act of treason. You never built that big beautiful wall, never had Mexico pay for it, never shared your taxes like you said you would, never passed a healthcare plan that you’ve been promising for four years, you banned an entire religion, separated children from their parents as a deterrent, and tried to bribe a foreign ally for political gain. You hired some good people in the begin You hired some good people in the beginning who tried to steer you in the right course but in the end, you berated and fired them all, replacing them with corrupt and unqualified sycophants at your beck and call.

Never in the history of this nation have we had someone like you as president. Your Administration has been by all historic standards criminally corrupt, deceitful, power hungry, and destructive and you have been by far the most unprepared, dysfunctional, cruel, egotistical, divisive, uninformed, dangerous, and distrusted president in the history of this country. To put it in words you can understand, you have been a disaster.

I want all American’s to know that I will never lie to you. Ever. Think about the last four years. The stress, the confusion, the broken promises, the corruption, the division, and the reckless decisions, all of which have led to the condition we find ourselves in today. Haven’t you had enough of this? Haven’t you had enough of him? I

have. You have the power to change this. The Republican party does not want you to vote in this election and this administration has done everything in its power to stop you. Closing polling stations, suppressing minority voters in every imaginable way, limiting access to voting by mail in a pandemic, accepting foreign interference, and more. However, despite all of this interference, The American people are strong. Show this Administration that they can’t cheat their way into victory, show Putin and all other Autocrats and Dictators around the globe what America stands for. Show them the will and might of the American people. No one can deter us from our freedoms. No one should ever have to stand in eight-hour lines to vote because ballot boxes have been stripped away. But we do because we want our voices heard not stomped down and this sends a message loud and clear to all those who wish harm upon us. This is not Russia and it never will be despite the desires of the current president and our foreign adversary. America is a Democracy, of the people, for the people, and by the people. Vote as if your life and future depend on it, because it does.

God bless America and all the people of our beloved country. Goodnight.



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